Who we are?

                 We are a team of environment enthusiasts, aiming to promote a sustainable way of living. Our sole purpose is to inspire people to transform from mindless consumption into conscious decisions. Our motto is to inspire people to eat healthy, in healthy and save water. 

We curate and create thoughtful, sustainable and elegant everyday products. We refuse to take shortcuts, and we obsess over every single step in the journey of our products- from how they are made to how they end up on your doorstep. 

Our Mission

  • To make environmentally-sustainable products easily accessible to the consumer of today.
  • To create awareness about conscious consumption and environment-positive products.
  • To be a growth platform for artists, artisans and small businesses who make environmentally-sustainable products.
  • To plant and maintain a million trees while we run a sustainable business,
  • To make people aware of the little lifestyle changes that can help save the environment.
  • To focus on saving water.
  • The importance of healthy eating for a healthy and disease-free life.

Our Vision

                     We strongly believe if every single person starts making even a little change in his or her daily lifestyle, become more conscious about the products they are consuming and the effects of those on the environment, the condition of the environment will surely improve.

In today’s world crisis, we all must change the way we consume to really make a positive impact on the planet we live in. We aim to help our customers transition into an earth-friendly lifestyle at home or outside of the home.

Which causes do we support 

    • Sustainable Living & Conscious Consumption
    • Afforestation
    • Slow Fashion
    • Eco-friendy Products
    • Biodegradable Packaging
    • Zero Waste Lifestyle: discourage single-use plastics
    • Resource Conserving Methods for Production and Use
    • Fair Trade &Ethical Sourcing
    • Sustainable Farming, No animal Harming or Testing
    • Natural Ingredients
    • Our vision and mission are aligned with the United Nations’
    • Sustainable Development Goals.

Our partners

                     We source our products from individuals, groups, and brands who have made it their mission to create a positive environmental impact and be truly environment positive. They strive each day to have a low carbon footprint, are resource-efficient, socially inclusive and transparent.

We are proud to call them our partners. They are our constant source of inspiration.

Our story

                     I have been traveling for quite a time now, and I have been blessed with a bunch of friends and people whom I have met during my travels, who are curious minds, artists, travelers, business persons, and fortunately all are pure environmentalists at heart. 

Also, I have been part of many environmental activities, including plastic cleanup drives, tree plantations, etc.  

So while collecting all the plastic from the beautiful forests, water streams and separating piles of plastic from the garbage I realized how the environment has to suffer for even our tiniest mistakes. A small chewing gum wrapper to the wheat flour packets, there were plenty of things which we use so carelessly every day, without realizing how they are going to end in our ecosystem. 

It was disturbing to realize the amount of carbon footprint we are leaving. 

One evening while talking over the phone calls, we were discussing the world crisis on climate change and plastic pollution. We have all seen it everywhere around the world but never really knew what to do about it.  

And, we all know it is now a massive global crisis.

What is worrisome is that in India alone, we dump 6 million tonnes of plastic every year. More than 8 million children live in urban slums- dangerously close to contaminated natural resources. The amount of chronic diseases is increasing dangerously. Every second home right now has at least one blood pressure or diabetes patient there. 

Did you ever try to find what is the reason behind all that? 

Simply, our lifestyle!! 

The food we eat, the plastic we are using, the micro-plastics we are consuming, the pollution we are creating. That is what is the real reason is. 

And its really high-time, and we really need to find solutions now. 

It was devastating to find out about unfair labor wages and practices, inadequate waste management expertise in many countries, heaps of human waste landing up in a landfill polluting the land, the seas, and the oceans. 

Coming from diverse upbringings, ethnicities and educational backgrounds, our conversations often led up to finding solutions to problems that face the consumer of today. 

As eternal optimists, we began a search to find a solution for this, right from the root cause. The process of finding this very solution was first to unlearn all about consumerism and the fast fashion and go back a few decades when things were better than they are today. I realized that the problem is not just the management of the human waste produced but in the consumption patterns itself. 

We knew this was our calling, and this is how The Indian Ways was born. 

Because we want to bring back the old Indian ways of living. 

Where there was no use of plastic, food was grown organically and people used to lead a sustainable life.  

The silver lining of this whole experience is that we could build a team of curators who now look at brands and products. They are on a constant lookout for sustainable ways to live and to find everyday use products that we can switch to.  

at The Indian Ways, our team’s sole aim is to help our customers transition into an earth-friendly lifestyle at home or outside your home. We aspire to be the preferred destination for those who want to make informed choices and shop consciously, with the least damage to the environment. 

Join us in this movement and shop guiltfree! 

The Indian ways is a ecofriendly & zero waste promoting store.

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